We are searching for 2 highly motivated post-doctoral fellows who will work on the granted project entitled “Role of mTORC1 signaling in intracellular processing and trafficking of Alzheimer’s disease-associated amyloid precursor protein and its derivatives”. mTORC1 is a key intracellular signaling component and its hyperactivity has been demonstrated in AD mice but also in post mortem human AD brains. We focus on the link between mTORC1 and APP processing in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells. We will modulate mTORC1 activity and correlate it with APP processing and Aβ oligomerization. We will use super-resolution fluorescence microscopy to localize and quantify APP, its derivatives and mTORC1.

Techniques involved in the project:

  1. biological expertise
    a) cloning (planning of cloning strategies, primer design, PCR, ligation, bacterial cultures, DNA purification)
    b) work with tissue cultures
    c) immunofluorescence
    d) CRISPR/Cas9 cloning and RNA silencing in mammalian cells
  2. super-resolution fluorescence microscopy (PALM, SOFI) – widefield and confocal
  3. image data analysis and bioinformatics (ImageJ, Matlab)

We are searching for:

  • People with medicinal, biological, biochemical or biophysical background
  • People who are highly motivated to learn new interdisciplinary methods
  • Previous expertise in above mentioned techniques is advantageous for the candidates.

We offer:

  • Young international working environment
  • Possibility to work with the modern biological methods
  • Work with advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques

The group is part of the Biophysical department of J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, which is one of the leading research institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Our Institute is repeatedly evaluated at the top in the research activities quantified by the number of publications in highly impacted journals.

Preferential starting date: March/April 2019

Interested candidates should submit their CV, motivation letter and list of publications to:

Dr. Martin Štefl (martin.stefl@jh-inst.cas.cz) or Dr. Petra Riegerová (petra.riegerova@jh-inst.cas.cz)