Thermo Fisher Scientific and Cryo-electron microscopy Core Facility CEITEC MU are seeking postdoctoral fellow to manage and further develop workflow for cellular lamella preparation and analysis. Our new colleague will be primarily placed at Thermo Fisher factory in Brno as a part of the R&D team who will be working in close contact with the Cryo-electron microscopy Core Facility at CEITEC MU which provides access to state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy instrumentation and molecular biology laboratories. The position wiill focus on optimization and further development of the workflow for preparation of thin cellular lamellas by cryo-FIB including data analysis by cryo-ET. The main task of the project is to maximize reproducibility, yield, and quality of the thin sections prepared by focus ion beam micromachining of vitrified cells.

We are seeking for a colleague who will be motivated to participate on state-of-the-art develpment project enabling structural biology studies in situ. Salary will be competitive and depend on qualifications of the candidate.


  • PhD in biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, bioengineering or related
  • experience with small dual beam instrument
  • experience with TEM operation and electron tomography data acquisitiona and analysis
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • capability to work systematically
  • excellent presentation skills


  • sample preparation and vitrification
  • optimization of workflow for cellular lamella preparation by cryo-FIB
  • acquisition and analysis of cryo-ET data
  • collaboration with production team on improvements to cryo-FIB instrument
  • management of the project, oversight and support of other team members

Start date: upon agreement
Opened Until: 30.6.2019


Source: https://www.ceitec.eu/cryo-fib-postdoc/j161