Department of Middle eastern Studies

Job title: Language instructor
Field and specialization: Turkish Language, Didactics of Non-European Languages
Expected pay group: L1
Part-time position: 1 (40 hours per week)

Job requirements:

  • university diploma (M.A.) in the programme of practical-linguistic type (didactics, translatology)
  • prospective Ph.D. in the similar field
  • teaching experience including courses on literature at the university level
  • fully accomplished knowledge of Turkish incl. the ability to teach advanced courses of spoken Turkish
  • mastering of linguistics of Turkish
  • experience in teaching Turkish at a university institution

Expected starting date: October 1, 2019
Application deadline: August 30, 2019

Complete applications will include the following: 

  • Application form
  • curriculum vitae
  • summary of work experience
  • overview of scholarly and teaching experience, list of publications
  • copies of documents that show academic degrees awarded (with Czech translation)

Submitting the application:

  • Submission by mail or in person:
    The application with all its attachments can be sent by mail or delivered in person to the following address:
    Mgr. Hana Holubová, Human Resources Dept., FF UK, nám. Jana Palacha 1/2, 116 38 Praha, Czech Republic
  • Submission by e-mail:
    The application with all its attachments can be sent by e-mail to the address hana.holubova@ff.cuni.cz

The original copies of relevant documents will have to be presented during the on-site interview.
Based on the committee’s decision, either all applicants or selected applicants only will be invited to the second round of the competition, i.e. an interview.

Source: https://www.ff.cuni.cz/2019/07/vyberove-rizeni-ze-dne-17-7-2019-katedra-blizkeho-vychodu-job-offer-1-july-2019-department-middle-eastern-studies/