The Game Theory Group opens a call for applications for fully-funded postdoctoral positions.

About Us

We are a member of the newly established Research Center for Informatics with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Research of the Game Theory Group (http://aic.fel.cvut.cz/gametheory/) involves game theory (broadly defined) and its applications in computer science, AI, and machine learning.

As a postdoc at our group, you will join a team of both leading researchers and young, highly motivated colleagues who are passionate about the topics of their research:

·     Computation of optimal strategies in large dynamic & strategic games

·     Game-theoretic models in adversarial machine learning & computer security

·     Algorithmic game theory

·     Cooperative games


· The post-doc position is primarily open for research on game-theoretic methods in adversarial machine learning

·     PhD degree in computer science, game theory, or related fields

·     Evidence of successful research accomplishments, such as papers focused on game-theoretic problems/algorithms at top AI conferences (AAAI, IJCAI, AAMAS, NIPS, EC) or published in high-quality journals


If you fit this profile and you are interested in pursuing academic research path, you are encouraged to send your application to katarina.takusova@agents.fel.cvut.cz. The application should include:

1.    CV

2.    A short research statement (max. 200 words)

3.    The publication record with the indication of 3 most impactful papers and detailed explanation of their impact

The exact starting date is negotiable. Typical positions are for 2 years and can be prolonged.

Work & Life in Prague

The institute is located in Prague’s downtown. The position will offer a competitive salary with respect to the costs and quality of life in Prague.