Post-doc positions in 2D materials synthesis and its applications in sensors, energy storage, electronic and catalysis

Four postdoctoral positions supervised by prof. Zdenek Sofer are available at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry at University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague.

The positions are offered in a team working on a 5 years-long project (starting in January 2019) on 2D monoelemental materials based on silicene/germanene and pnictogens (phosphorene/ arsenene), their synthesis, deposition of monolayers, exfoliation, chemical derivatisation and exploration of possible application.

Recent publications of the group are available here: https://uach.vscht.cz/research/nanomaterials-and-semiconductors/42122?cookie[only_desktop]=1

We offer:

  • Work in dynamic international research team.

  • All state of the art characterisation and technological equipment necessary for the project is available in laboratory.

  • Salary: 500 000 CZK/year (including social and health insurance)

  • Employment contract for the period of project duration

  • Employee benefits (6 weeks of vacation, catering allowance, pension insurance allowance, language courses, institutional childcare, etc.)

  • Low cost of living in tolerant, progressive and secure country with rich cultural and natural heritage

  • Work in the heart of Europe with convenient transport connection to the whole world

We are searching for highly motivated postdocs with excellent research experience and a track record of publications in peer-reviewed international journals.

Description of the positions:

1. Post-doc with expertise in synthetic chemistry (synthesis and work in glovebox is advantage) and material characterisation (Raman, FT-IR, XRD, SEM).

2. Post-doc with expertise in material characterisation (spectroscopic method)

3. Post-doc with expertise in material research focused on energy storage and conversion (batteries, supercapacitor, impedance spectroscopy, gas sensing)

4. Post-doc with expertise in vacuum technology with hands on experience on MBE and related methods of thin film deposition and experience in material characterisation by XPS and/or UHV-STM/AFM.

We kindly ask candidates to send their CVs and one-page length introduction via email to soferz@vscht.cz before February 28th, 2019.