The Institute of Soil Biology (ISB) is looking for motivated fungal biologist/ecologist with background in molecular biology and bioinformatics.

The Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Soil Biology (http://www.upb.cas.cz) performs mainly fundamental, and also applied, research in soil biology with long tradition of soil research.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • a PhD. degree or equivalent in microbiology, general biology, ecology or environmental science;
  • preferred research interest in soil microbiology –soil mycology;
  • demonstrated knowledge in molecular biology and basic bioinformatics workflows (practical experience in NGS data analyses);
  • background in biostatistics (descriptive and multivariate statistics, linear regression models, etc.);
  • experience with isolation, cultivation and preservation techniques of microorganisms;
  • interest in interdisciplinary research;
  • good written and spoken English;

Overview of the Position:

Research in the field of soil mycology focused either on basic and applied tasks of contemporary soil microbiology. Joining the team of soil microbiologists (covering archea, bacteria incl. streptomycetes and cyanobacteria, algae and protists, as well as most important features of carbon and nitrogen transformations in the soil and environment). Collaboration with soil zoologists interested in most important groups of soil invertebrates including nematodes, earthworms, millipedes, mites and springtails. Maintenance and development of large collection of soil fungi.

How to aplly:

Interested applicants should email the following documents to Ing. Vendula Aubrechtová  (vendula.aubrechtova@bc.cas.cz) before August 31, 2019.

  1. Cover motivation letter including – statement of interest.
  2. Structured curriculum vitae including the list of publications and similar other achievements.

Candidates are welcome to contact us any time but before August 31, 2019 for additional info or personal visit in the Institute (upb@upb.cas.cz).

Place and background

České Budějovice is a medium-sized town ca. 150 km south of Prague with 100,000 inhabitants, a relaxed atmosphere, and a growing expert community at the Biology Centre and the University of South Bohemia. Both the town and the surrounding countryside provide numerous opportunities for research and leisure activities.

We offer a salary in local standards commensurate with the applicant’s experience and skills.  Living costs are low by international standards. Czech and English are being used on equal rights as working languages of ISB, so applicants from abroad are most welcome.

Source: https://www.bc.cas.cz/o-nas/uredni-deska/kariera/kariera-detail/4922-post-doc-in-fungal-biology-ecology/