2-5 year contract at the Institute of Parasitology in České Budějovice, Czech Republic


Under the supervision of Alena Zíková, the Functional Biology of Protists lab focuses on the unique bioenergetic properties of several closely related human pathogens: Trypanosoma brucei, Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania major. We employ advanced molecular biology methods that include genetic tools, imaging and biochemical techniques to obtain detailed knowledge about the function and regulation of essential mitochondrial processes, which can then be applied towards critical new drug therapies. The lab also exploits the unique T. brucei mitochondrion as a great model for understanding mitochondrial biogenesis since the singular organelle undergoes functional and morphological changes throughout the life cycle of the parasite. In order to decipher the most compelling aspects of the mitochondria, we have established several significant collaborations in the fields of bioinformatics, structural biology, molecular biophysics, metabolomics, proteomics and drug design.

An esteemed parasitology consortium comprised of various research centers throughout the Czech Republic (CZ) was recently awarded European Union funding to research the pathogenicity and virulence of parasites. As an honored member of this group, we are offering an exciting opportunity for a motivated individual to join our international group as a postdoctoral researcher. We place a strong emphasis on the scientific development of young scientists by limiting their administrative responsibilities and allowing them to focus their valuable skill sets on well-defined projects. While it would be advantageous for the candidate to have previous experience in parasitology, we encourage any individuals with a strong background in molecular biology and biochemistry to apply. Most importantly, the applicant should be an independent, responsible and well-organized person that is curious about biological questions.

Parasitology has a long and storied history in the CZ and the Institute of Parasitology (PaU) is the principal institution in the nation devoted exclusively to academic research within this discipline. Our lab is one of three independent molecular parasitology labs at PaU focused on various aspects of Trypanosomatids. In an effort to stimulate a collaborative and supportive atmosphere, all three labs occupy a single floor of a brand new facility designed around the open lab concept. Furthermore, PaU works in close collaboration with the University of South Bohemia and is situated within a compact university campus at the edge of historic České Budějovice. CB is the largest city in the region and is famous for brewing Budweiser beer. Located in a flat river valley formed by the confluence of the Vltava and Malse rivers, it feels like a small town because of all the public parks and the ease of traveling by bike. Since CB lies on the edge of the Sumava mountains and is also in close proximity to the Alps, it is widely regarded as a gateway city to many outdoor recreational activities.


How to apply: Highly motivated candidates with a passion for biology should apply as soon as possible by submitting the following documents and information to the following address: azikova@paru.cas.cz

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • List of 1-2 referees that can testify about the professional qualities of the candidate
  • Letter of intent that explains the reasons for your interest in our laboratory and identifies your most relevant skills or experiences

Research Fields

Biological sciences – Molecular Parasitology & Biochemistry

Research Profiles

Recognized Researcher (R2)


Health insurance, vacation days and native English speaker in the lab