New position in genetic data analysis will be open in spring 2020 at the Department of Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre CAS, České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

The announced position is mainly supported from Biomanipulation project (2018-2022) and will focus on differences between microbial communities of Czech canyon-shaped reservoirs before and after predator (planktivorous fish) removal and genomics of the particular microbial groups (bacteria, phages, picocyanobacteria, microeukaryotes), as well as address local and general patterns in freshwater microbial communities.

We are looking for a highly motivated young postgraduate researcher with advanced computation skills and strong interest in freshwater environments and ecology. The offered position will include following components:

Computational work (80-90%) will be conducted with amplicon, genomic and metagenomic datasets and will include statistical approaches, tests of ecological concepts and eco-genomics.

Fieldwork (10-20%) will consist from regular (once per three weeks) samplings of reservoirs Římov, Žlutice, and Klíčava and other irregular samplings.

Applicants for the position should have a PhD in Biology (preferably in Limnology, Microbiology and/or Ecology), or in Bioinformatics, prior experience in amplicon and metagenomic data analysis as well as experience in unix/perl/python and R programming. Candidates must be proficient in English.

Application and Contact:
In case of interest, please submit a single PDF file composed of:

  • brief motivation letter with a statement of your research interests
  • detailed CV
  • copy of the PhD diploma certificate
  • name and contact information of two references.

The position will remain open until a suitable candidate has been found. Applications will be evaluated starting from February 17, 2020. Target start is February-April 2020, although a later start is possible. The length of contract is presumed till end 2022.

Please send your application and/or questions regarding position to Vojtěch Kasalický, Ph.D. vojtech.kasalicky@hbu.cas.cz and indicate ‘Biomanipulation BINF position’ in the subject line.

Biology Centre CAS: https://www.bc.cas.cz/en
Institute of Hydrobiology: https://www.hbu.cas.cz/en
Biomanipulation project: https://www.hbu.cas.cz/en/projects/#biomanipulace