Postdoc position available

BIOCEV StopkaLab


The lab focuses on molecular aspects of normal and malignant hematopoiesis; with an expertise in the next generation sequencing, gene expression, flow cytometry, microscopy and mouse transgenic models.

We are looking for open-minded person with solid training from previous lab. Welcome is an expertise in molecular and cellular biology, genetics, and biochemistry. We offer a salary scale based on performance and one-year extendable contract. Our lab is located in a modern building and offers superb research facilities. Applicants are encouraged to provide english CV version and a short list of professional goals all fitting a single page. Contact email: tstopka@lf1.cuni.cz

See below specifications of available projects:

Project I: translation of genetics to clinical decisions in Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).

Current work of our lab has concluded that MDS patients treated by DNA methylation inhibitor Azacitidine are able to achieve durable therapeutic response however all patients subsequently transform to acute leukemia while they acquire new somatic mutations or reoccur the original mutations present at diagnosis (MS under review). The project aims to delineate molecular mechanisms of therapeutic resistance and decipher tools for efficient timing of the therapeutic switch and how this can be tuned by using the NGS approach.

Project II: epigenetic mechanisms in cancer monitoring.

Previous work of our lab has established use of microRNAs as disease biomarkers in patients with aggressive solid tumors including breast cancer [1] or malignant lymphomas [2, 3]. The project aims to delineate molecular function of microRNAs in distant tissues using mouse models and ex vivo transplanted human tumors to immunodefficient mice. Previous experience with RNAseq and mouse bioimaging techniques are welcome.

1. Sochor, M., et al., Oncogenic microRNAs: miR-155, miR-19a, miR-181b, and miR-24 enable monitoring of early breast cancer in serum. BMC Cancer, 2014. 14: p. 448.

2. Vargova, K., et al., MiR-155/miR-150 network regulates progression through the disease phases of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Blood Cancer J, 2017. 7(7): p. e585.

3. Vargova, K., et al., MYB transcriptionally regulates the miR-155 host gene in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Blood, 2011. 117(14): p. 3816-25.

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