World‐class AI research in Prague

Research Center for Informatics, CTU in Prague

Ph.D. Positions

CTU in Prague opens a competitive call for applications for fully-funded Ph.D. positions in the context of a recently awarded national center of excellence: Research Center for Informatics (RCI). http://rci.cvut.cz/

RCI is the center of scientific excellence in computer science and artificial intelligence that boosts and integrates internationally competitive research conducted at Czech Technical University. The goal of RCI is to foster collaboration between the experts in different fields of computer science, between fundamental scientists and application-driven researchers, but chiefly between the experienced, internationally recognized, senior scientists and graduate students, postdocs and young assistant professors. RCI is focused on longer-term sustainability of excellence computer science and artificial intelligence.

Research at RCI is focused on artificial intelligence, multiagent systems, game theory, automated planning, computational robotics with applications to cybersecurity, next-generation transportation systems, intelligent manufacturing, computer vision, machine learning, bioinformatics, computer graphics, embedded security, theoretical computer science or high-performance computing.

We are young and quickly growing research center at the oldest technical university in the region, located in downtown Prague. We strive to reach artificial intelligence research result that are extraordinary thanks to their revolutionary nature, size, relevance, and benefit to science and society.

We are looking for a new Ph.D. student for our team, led by best researchers and academics. Please submit your CV and motivation letter to Mrs. Katarína Ťakušová katarina.takusova@agents.fel.cvut.cz